Frequently Asked Questions

A1: The Department of the Air Force Art Program will not loan artwork indefinitely or long-term to private individuals or private organizations or for display in private quarters.

A2: To merit acceptance into the Art Collection, an artwork must portray the people, equipment, activities, facilities, and other historically significant subjects related to the United States Air Force or United States Space Force and meet recognized professional standards.

A3: If a discrepancy is found, please send us an email ( detailing the: Catalog Number, Artist Name, Title of Painting and the detail of the discrepancy. It may be difficult for us to update the information unless all of the above are included in the email.

A4: Unfortunately no. However, search the web for aviation art. A variety of aviation art links will appear including the American Society of Aviation artists.

A5: Yes, but only on a case by case basis. You can contact the Department of the Air Force Art Program Office for more information.

A6: The Art Program works with various Illustrator Societies and independent artists throughout the United States. Artwork is juried by the Societies and is donated by the artist to the U.S. Air Force or U.S. Space Force.

A7: The Air Force Art Program is honored to have original artwork available for temporary loan to museums; libraries and many other venues on a case by case consideration.The Air Force Art Program has a corps of volunteer, professional civilian artists from the Society of Illustrators (New York), Societies of Illustrators of Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Midwest Air Force, and the Southwest Society of Air Force Artists who donate their talents to help the Air Force record its rich heritage. Our art collection tells the Air Force's history from the early beginning of our great nation, into World War II, through the perils of Vietnam, Operation Enduring Freedom and now homeland defense. The artists have also captured the daily missions of the men and women of the United States Air Force. Exhibits are tailored to each specific event. The paintings have been prepared for wall hanging or may be displayed on easels. All requests must be typed and submitted to The Air Force Art Program, 1720 Air Force Pentagon, Washington, DC 20330-1720.

A8: The Department of the Air Force Art Program office is constantly working to improve and expand the Art Collection. Please check back periodically to see what new additions have been added to the Collection.